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Arneson & Geffen understands that a criminal history can interfere in your ability to obtain the job you want and the home you want.  A criminal history can also bring shame and embarrassment.  Our attorneys have years of experience seeking expungement.  We have successfully brought cases in counties across the State of Minnesota, as well as appellate courts.  We are available for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your circumstances.  Based upon our experience, we can estimate your likelihood of success in obtaining an expungement.

Our experience ranges from seeking expungement of juvenile matters through felony convictions.  Be aware that even dismissed cases and petty misdemeanors may be public information.  Don’t let your past control your future.  Contact Arneson & Geffen to discuss seeking expungement of your criminal record.  

Employers and landlords frequently investigate an applicant’s criminal background as part of the hiring/leasing process.  Individuals with criminal histories may be rejected from employment or housing because of the existence of these records, even if a charge was dismissed or the individual is rehabilitated.  When a Court orders criminal records expunged, it means the records are sealed from public access, allowing the individual to pass a background check.

In evaluating your request for expungement, a Judge considers several factors.  We meticulously address every factor and make powerful arguments to the Court about why our client deserves expungement.  We stay up-to-date on the latest developments in this important area of law.  Jon Geffen is frequently invited to speak about expungements to groups across the metro.

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Do not assume that a juvenile record is hidden from view.  Juvenile records may be accessed by various agencies.  For example, the Department of Human Services reviews juvenile court records when completing background studies for individuals who wish to work with children or vulnerable adults.  Additionally, juvenile felony offenses committed after age 16 are public records.  A juvenile record may limit your career options.

Arneson & Geffen has significant experience seeking expungement of juvenile records, including before the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Contact Jon Geffen at (612) 465-8580 to discuss expungement of juvenile records.