Client found Not Guilty

Mark Arneson’s client was found not guilty of Assault, Obstructing Legal Process and Disorderly conduct on Wednesday April 7, 2010 after a two day trial.  The facts were as follows: Client was involved in a motor vehicle accident in St. Paul.  The driver of the other vehicle attempted to leave the scene and was restrained by client. The first officer on scene claimed that client, who was 4’11 and approximately 100 pounds, had assaulted the other woman with the pencil she had in her hand and ignored his orders to drop the pencil.  Officer then proceeded to tackle client and arrest her.  At trial, officer testified that client did not speak any English and could not understand him.  Furthermore, the driver of the other vehicle who claim to have been assaulted never showed up to testify.  With this verdict, the City of St. Paul has been exposed to a potential lawsuit for excessive force given the injuries client sustain as a result of the arrest.