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The consequences of a drug conviction are severe. Even a minor drug offense conviction may result in the following:

1.  Disqualification from ever working in the health care field in almost any capacity.

2.  Denial of employment, particularly jobs that require a background check or security clearance.

3.  Denial of housing.

4.  Denial of citizenship and possible deportation for non U.S. citizens.

Given the significant impact of drug offenses, consulting with experienced legal counsel is imperative at an early stage so that all defenses can be explored and evidence challenged.  Give us a call at 612-465-8581 for a free initial consultation.


1.  Possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia can often be challenged arguing that the person charged did not have control of the seized contraband. (Very important in cases where drugs are found after conducting search of home or motor vehicle)

2.  Search/seizure. An officer must  have a reasonable, articulable suspicion of a particular criminal offense in order to stop a person. That is true whether they are walking, standing or driving.  Often, when the basis for the stop is explored, the reasonable suspicion is found lacking and the subsequent discovery of drugs suppressed.  Another critical factor is whether the officers involved conducted a constitutional search.  Except for certain exception, the officers would require consent to search or have a search warrant in hand.  Even a search warrant must be supported by probable cause to believe a crime has been committed.  (If the search is determined to be improper, the drugs seized may be suppressed)

3.  Even the weight and purity of the drug may be critical and can be challenged to reduce the drug offense charged.  We request that a retest be done on any drugs that have been seized to make sure the weight and type of drug is accurately determined. (I had a case where I had the suspected marijuana  retested and as my client told me it turned out to be tea leaves)

Keep in mind that many drug cases can be resolved without a criminal conviction.  Arneson & Geffen, PLLC has resolved numerous drug cases with clients receiving dismissals, stays of adjudication or diversion programs.  This has allowed our clients to move on without a criminal conviction and a bright future.

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